A live, in person experience for mid-level and experienced business owners to come together for next-level learning & curated networking.

May 2-4, 2024 in Gainesville, GA

For the business owner who is sick of investing time, energy, and money into events that are designed for baby entrepreneurs, don’t give you tactical takeaways, and throw you to the wolves in free mingling.

Introducing The Prosper Summit. At PROSPER you'll be immersed in seamlessly crafted marketing and sales workshops tailored to leaders and founders seeking to elevate their current funnels and strategies with advanced discussions, actionable implementation time, and premium, curated networking opportunities.

Network. Co work. Mastermind. Collaborate. Refer.

The Prosper Summit is for you if...

You have the basics of your marketing & sales down and you are ready to optimize your efforts and laser focus on what actually works

You have a service based or product based business that you are ready to grow & scale

You want to be surrounded by the unmatched energy of like-minded business owners who will challenge and push you

Industries Represented at PROSPER

Real estate

Business coaches

Life coaches


Mental Health Professionals

Reality TV, Music, Fashion




Higher Education

Book Publishers

Boutique Owners

Hair, Makeup & Skin Care Experts

Product creators

Meet the


Sarah Gemmell

Queen of Networking

Founder & Speaker

More to be announced

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Positive Genuine Energy

“I loved being around all of the woman, the energy was so genuine and positive!”




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Refreshed & Inspired

“I left The Prosper Summit feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take action!

-Maggie O.

Valuable Connections

“The Prosper Summit owes me NOTHING! Very well done and I walked away with so many valuable connections for future collaborations. Looking forward to Prosper 2024!”


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Choose your experience

General Admission


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Professional development in marketing and sales

Curated networking opportunities

Access to main event on Friday, after party, and morning sessions on Saturday

Light breakfast Friday and Saturday

Light lunch on Friday



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Everything in General Admission

VIP mixer

Afternoon session on Saturday

Lunch on Saturday

Preferred seating at main event

Applications will become available at a later date for all General Admission ticket holders. Get your GA ticket today to have access to VIP! All fees paid will be credited towards your VIP ticket.

use code: presale23 at checkout for 50% off your General Admission ticket before Oct 27, 2023

This is the lowest tickets will be offered, so don’t miss out!

Event Agenda

May 2, 2024

VIP mixer (early evening)

May 3, 2024

Full day workshops & networking

After Party

May 4, 2024

AM workshops & networking

Afternoon - VIP-only mastermind/co-work

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for attendees/general public



*We are currently NOT accepting speaker applications

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