Your audience already knows the importance of networking and relationships, Now it's time for a deeper dive and a fresh, new perspective on optimization

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Sarah inspires audiences into action through helping them to discover more clarity in what networking strategically even means and how to do it in a way that always keeps people above profit and optimizes hours spent without wreaking with commission breath.

Team Workshop

Multiply Your Leads:

Becoming a More Strategic Networker

Your audience understands the importance of networking and building relationships in their business, but now it is time for deep dive in how to refine networking skills to generate more consistent, quality leads. In this dynamic and interactive session, attendees will learn strategies and techniques to establish and nurture connections, leverage their existing network, and optimize their time spent networking. Most importantly: they will learn how to do all of this while keeping people above profit.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Identify the difference between networking and networking strategically and why strategy is crucial

  • Mindset shifts that are imperative to becoming a master networker
  • Map out the anatomy of a profitable networking strategy

  • Generating more leads

Audience best for: sales teams, public relations, business owners, entrepreneurs of all stages, and network marketing teams

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We had the pleasure of having Sarah Gemmell speak at our 5th Annual She Means Biz Conference in Philadelphia. She was able to take a subject that is awkward and confusing to most people and teach about it with gusto and giving away valuable tips and strategies! The DivaGirl audience resonated with her honesty and the tips she provided about networking. She was the crowd's favorite! Not only was her talk valuable, she was also so easy to work with. I highly recommend her as a speaker to educate and empower other people.

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Resilient Mind Works Owner/Trauma Counselor

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