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Consulting and workshops for solopreneurs and teams on creating an improved approach to networking that increases the amount of leads and referrals coming into your pipeline.


We host a variety of virtual and in person networking events to get you connected to quality referral partners.

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Let's partner to create a workshop that will blow your audience away. Virtual webinars to in person stages, we custom create workshops that will best benefit your community.

"Marketing is understanding the buyer and how they buy.

Networking is understanding the referral partner and how they decide who to recommend."

-Sarah Gemmell

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Welcome to the side of networking where you will actually grow your business and make money in a way the prioritizes quality relationships first and foremost.

Lovingly known as the Queen of Networking, Sarah has created ground breaking, extensive networking strategy that dives deep into the nuances of how you show up in meetings and events so that you can increase the number of quality leads you're getting. More importantly, she teaches how to maximize and monetize networking in a way that always keeps people above profit (none of that old school, awkward, spammy stuff).

Her knowledge in psychology and background in counseling mixed with her ability to connect people to each other, to challenge the status quo and to shift other's perspectives makes her your new favorite networking partner. You can also catch Sarah at one of her many networking events, happening all the time either virtually and in person!

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